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Special Apitong Truck Deck

Special Apitong Truck Deck just for You

BUANATRIARTA.COM – Apitong Truck Deck, this is not yet widely used worldwide. However, this Apitong wood is classified as hardwood where the wood is very hard and easy to use. Apitong Truck Deck is also very suitable to be used as the main raw material or as truck decking, truck flooring or any other components in the industries where heavy equipment are used.

Apitong Wood Truck Decking
Apitong Wood

Apitong wood has many advantages from familiar’s wood such as teak. Wood Apitong equally as strong and lasting the duration of teak. Not only that, too, Apitong wood has a very economical price compared to teak. Although the price is somewhat far adrift than teak, wood Apitong has the same quality as teak.

If the processing is perfect, Apitong wood will be very strong and outperformed teak. In Buana Triarta Apitong wood in the process in a professional manner that will produce high-quality truck deck. You can see the process here, click Production Proccess

Indeed Apitong wood can be difficult to get and it can be relatively pricey. However Buana Triarta has Apitong wood with stable stock and resources. Our prices are very competitive. We can supply you with truck deck, truck floor, or any other Apitong based truck components you need.

Buana Triarta, stock for Apitong wood is plenty. You can order via the Contact Us menu in the menu on the navbar www.buanatriarta.com. For more Information about Apitong Truck Decking please contact us.

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