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The Ambassador of
Indonesia’s Forest Resources
Operational Excellence &
Establishing an Integrated Supply Chain
Product and Market Research & Development to Ensure Relevance Training, Counseling, Promotion, and Education Programs

Hardwood and Trailer Floor Specialist

The Right Timber for the Right Products

Based in Indonesia, Buana Triarta is a lumber company with integrated operations that include raw material supply, saw mill, engineered wood manufacturing, and logistics. Our company specializes in  Apitong aka. Keruing Trailer Floor among other products, both for logistic industry and building materials.

As a Lumber company, Buana Triarta is committed to being a responsible Wood Working Industry. We ensure that the source of raw materials used is only from concessions and SVLK Certified suppliers. Traceability of wood materials at every stage of production is one of the main points that we uphold.

Our Vision & Mission


To be the ambassador of Indonesia’s forest resources.


Creating value and the delivering quality forest products through:
– Operational excellence.
– Establishing an integrated supply chain.

Ensuring sustainability of our company and our industry through:
– Product and market research & development to ensure relevance.
– Training, counseling, promotion, and education programs.

Our Commitment

Buana Triarta is committed to being a trusted global wood truck flooring manufacturer. To support this commitment, we’ll always prioritize:

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Apitong Keruing Truck Decking

Apitong Keruing Truck Decking

Apitong Keruing Better than the Oak or other woods. Apitong Keruing offers stock in Buana Triarta Spesialist Truck Decking and Truck Flooring

Special Apitong Truck Deck

Apitong Truck Decking, this is not yet widely used some people in the World. However, this Apitong wood including hardwood, anda Apitong wood