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How to Repair a Tongue and Groove Deck

BUANATRIARTA.COM – A tongue and groove deck is a type of deck that can be repaired in the same manner as any other type of deck attached to your home. There is no special knowledge or tool that is specifically designed for the repair of a tongue and groove deck. Simply purchase the correct replacement deck boards and follow these instructions to complete the repair.

Tongue and groove is a style of deck boards that fit together in the same manner that a puzzle piece fits together. The pieces of a tongue and groove deck features an edge that is raised and an edge that is recessed and when placed together, fit to form a bonded seal. This seal locks the 2 pieces together.

Steps Repair a Tongue and Groove Deck

Step 1: Remove Tongue and Groove Deck Boards

Take a pry bar to remove the nails and screws that hold the tongue and groove deck boards in place. Remove each of the damaged deck boards that need to be replaced.

Check the joists underneath the deck boards for any damage as well. The joists are the boards, which the deck boards are attached. Any damaged joists should be removed and replaced by new joists before reattaching the tongue and groove deck boards.

Apply a sealer preservative to the joists once the replacement of the damaged pieces has been completed. This will provide an added level of protection for your deck as it ages over time due to weathering and wear and tear that is normal for any deck.

Step 2: Secure the Deck Posts

You will need a level to check the deck posts in order to make sure that they are secure. Any posts that are not level will need to be secured by replacing the deck post or resetting it in the ground. Use an additional deck post as a way to secure the deck post, or simply take the deck post out of the ground and replace it. The deck post will need to be secure before you can move on to replacing the tongue and groove deck boards.

Step 3: Replace Tongue and Groove Deck Boards

Purchase replacement tongue and groove deck boards for your deck. These can be purchased at a lumber yard or a home improvement center. Be sure to purchase tongue and groove deck boards that match the damaged ones that you are replacing. If necessary, purchase an entirely new set of tongue and groove deck boards to replace the deck if you cannot find a perfect match.

Set the deck boards in accordance with the instructions for the installation of the tongue and groove deck boards. They should lock together and be secured to the deck joists using a screw gun, or nailer. Clean the deck off using a power sprayer and apply a coat of sealant with a paint brush.

Source : www.doityourself.com

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